San Diego County Safari Style

This past September one of my bffs and the pups packed up and headed out to the Warner Springs area for a midweek glamping trip, you read correctly, glamping. For those of you that don’t know me all that well, I camp begrudgingly. I’m learning to appreciate it for the necessary evil that it is, but for me it’s more about the hikes I can go on from there that I enjoy, not the actual camping itself.

But glamping, that’s something I can get behind. It takes my developing love for the outdoors and combines it with some pretty rad creature comforts. Which is why I booked this safari cabin through the Glamping with Pets website. It’s kinda like Airbnb for glamping.

Now isn’t this one of the neatest places to stay. The owners built this tent, and yes it is a tent in the strictest sense of the word, out of reclaimed wood and of course canvas. It had a jacuzzi, a kitchen and a claw foot tub in the bathroom that looks out over the hills in the area. There’s a ceiling fan to help to keep it cool and a heated mattress to keep you warm at night. Plus it’s completely fenced in so the pups can run free.

Doesn’t the bed look so cozy.

I had been planning on enjoying the clawfoot tub during my stay. But this rather scary looking insect had claimed the tub for his home, and I wasn’t going to displace him. It was a definite reminder that this is still camping, just camping with fantastic amenities.

Both nights we enjoyed gorgeous sunsets. Eating dinner on our little patio that my friend cooked up from my Hello Fresh box for the week.

Frankie really enjoyed the yard. Frankie and Storm ran around the yard constantly when we were at the tent. I swear they wore a track into the dirt.

Both the pups enjoyed the sitting area of the tent as well. Relaxing with me as I read a book for the first time in ages.

It was such a nice escape from the work world. Incredible relaxing, just what was needed.

As you can see Frankie agreed that it was a perfect trip.

And this view with this sunset truly made it spectacular.