Getaway House – Nov. 2019

Some weeks are just harder then others. More things to do, more deadlines, more traffic, really just more of everything.

Knowing that the weekend was just around the corner and the pups and I were headed up to the mountain was the only thing that kept me going.

Friday finally came along and I packed up the Jeep, grabbed the dogs and took off. To arrive 2 hours later, more traffic, so much traffic.

Getting to the tiny cabin was a relief. We arrived right as the sun was setting. The perfect time to take a breath, and leave the week behind. The tiny cabin itself was adorable. The perfect size for the three of us. With cute little touches like a red refrigerator and a box to keep to keep your cell phone to really experience detaching for the night.

But the best thing about the cabin was the full wall window right wear the bed cove was built. It made it feel like you were outside, but surrounded by all the comforts of being inside including temperature control and queen size bed made for reading and watching the family of deer frolic outside the window (much to the pups dismay).

It was nice to have a little kitchen inside with a two burner stove. And dog bowls under the sink. Perfect for cooking up a meal for the three of us. Trust me the dogs enjoyed some turkey dogs that night.

Outside there was a firepit, since it was just me we stayed inside and did not take advantage a fire, but we did take advantage of the walking trail that satisfied our needs for leaf cronching and mountain views.

Overall, it was a perfect little escape from a stressful week. And I cant wait to visit another Getaway House in the future.

Colorado Rockies, Part 2

My first trip to Colorado in the fall was also my first trip with two dogs. Storm was new to the family and just under 3 months old. I had just finished a project and decided to take my time getting to Colorado.

We spent the night in Las Vegas, just off the strip at the super dog friendly hotel chain, La Quinta. Seriously, I can not say enough good things about this hotel chain. I’ve stayed in a La Quinta in 7 different states. And it’s always a pleasant stay.

The next morning we got up early and headed to Zion National Park, with my handy America the Beautiful pass, and a list of dog friendly trails (one trail) we found our way to Zion and walked the bike trail that allows dogs. Pa’rus Trail.

We then made our way to Bryce National Park to walk the along the top. Again the only dog friendly trail. But the three of us loved it because it got us out of the car on our long drive to Dillon, CO.

From there we hauled it to get to Dillon, having a bit of a scare when we couldn’t find a gas station for hours. But we made it safely to our destination around midnight. To get up early the next morning to meet our friends at the Old Dillon Reservoir.

This trail is just so nice and easy, yet stunning in the fall. We met up with our friends @one.chaotic.pack and had some adorable puppy playtime when both Storm and Norway were super adorable puppies.

Definitely one of my favorite photos of Frankie.

Adventuring together from the beginning.

A swimmer from the beginning.

The pups love hammocking. After they figured out it was safe.

Puppies, such adorable puppies. From here we hit the road at went to the super dog friendly national park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison. We went on three or four short trails there. All of them with spectacular views. If you ever want more formation from our travels please email us at

Colorado Rockies in Autumn – Part 1

For the past two years I’ve gone out to Colorado around the end of September. And I’m pretty sure I want to make this an annual tradition. I have to say the fall foliage on the majestic mountains is just breathtaking. Since I went two different years, I want to post about each trip, starting with 2017.

Photo by our friends @tuckerleo_da_huskies on Instagram.

This trip was pretty last minute. And I was lucky enough to have my mom come with me. We left at 1pm on Friday and drove 14 hours plus stops to get to Dillon, Colorado. If I hadn’t had a driving partner there’s no way this trip could have happened. When I planned our hiking meet up, I forgot that Colorado is on Mountain Time. So instead of getting in at 3am, it was 4am by the time I got to go to sleep. Plus it was raining/snowing. Causing me a bit of concern for our hiking trip planned with our friends the next morning at 8am. But all was well, and on 4 hours asleep the dogs and I packed in to the car to hike Mayflower Gulch. A 4ish mike trail that has a waterfall.

Just look at the coolest doggo band in town. Chilling on a mountain top. You can see Frankie’s long lost brother Leo in the photo and his pack of dogs. They were super cool to hike off leash with, a freedom I grant my dogs in very rare circumstances.

photo by @tuckerleo_da_huskies

But as you can see the dogs were on their best behavior for our hike. And look at all those lazy huskies.

photo by @tuckerleo_da_huskies

This was not the end of our day with our friends. After a nap and lunch we met up again. And once again the weather threatened, in fact it downpoured. But stopped right as we got together for a little bikejoring.

It’s important that your dogs be old enough to before you start this sport so they don’t injure themselves in the long run. But it is a great sport. And one that all dogs can do.

There’s some basic commands your dogs should know. Like halt or stop. And right and left. And the best one. Leave it.

And you can see how happy they are. And the gorgeous fall colors.

It snowed that night. But in the morning the skies were clear so the dogs and I went on a short trail to the old Dillon Reservoir. It’s a super easy trail with the most amazing views.

And a lake for Storm to swim in.

And Frankie got to run around.

And then of course pose for photos.

From this hike we started the drive home. We found snow.

And some amazing fall foliage.

And then in Utah we stopped briefly for the views.

Even with a 28 hour total drive time and just about 28 hours in Colorado. This trip is always worth it.