Little River Inn

A Relaxation Paradise

People who know me, know I love to travel. I’ve been told by friends and family that I only work to support my “habit” and I have to agree with them. This pandemic has forced me to cancel too many trips to count this year. And it’s kinda been killing me, and yes, I get that not traveling is a small sacrifice, but it’s still been hard for someone that escapes at least once a month. Even though I have been working from home for many months now, this pandemic has still been stressful. From not being able to go places, see friends, worrying every time I do visit someone, it’s a huge balancing act of safety, mental health, and just making the best of things. And, I felt I needed to get away from home for a relaxing escape from the craziness that is 2020. So you can imagine how delighted I was to find a weekend getaway right here in California- The Little River Inn. Not only were they open to travelers, but they’re dog friendly too. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I needed this getaway. So sit back, relax and let me share my adventure with you…

The drive to the Little River Inn was uneventful. But as we drove up to the Inn all that changed. Checking in was easy. The staff were friendly, conscious of the pandemic and wore masks to protect me. My only question was “How was I going to access my room?” I wasn’t given a key at check-in!  

After checking in, the staff instructed  me to go into the room next to the registration desk. There I found a paper gift bag with my name printed on it. This has never happened before. Curiosity had me looking into the bag. There I found the answer to my question, the bag had a key in it! An actual key, not a card key! Other items in my gift bag included; Keurig coffee pods, creamer, disposable cups, sugar and stirrers all in separate plastic bags. There were also toiletries in another plastic bag and information on what activities available in the area. This simple act of providing a gift bag reassured me that the staff at the Little River Inn cared about me as a person during this scary time. I couldn’t help but smile as the pups and I made our way to our room.

Other awesome amenities the Little River Inn offered was our own parking spot, clearly marked with our room number. Inside the room, there was a towel and 2 extra sheets provided for us.  “Why?” you ask. The towel was to dry off the pups after their adventures to the ocean and the sheets were to place on the furniture the pups wanted to relax upon. This made my heart smile. It’s so frustrating traveling to a “dog friendly” place, only to have “dogs are not allowed on the furniture” as one of the rules. So I knew this weekend was going to be special. There was also a dog bowl and treats. How wonderful! My doggos definitely felt welcome.

The doggos were not the only ones treated to some wonderful surprises. There was a bottle of wine from a local winery for the human in the family, as well as a wonderful surprise in the bathroom… a deep, soaking jacuzzi tub. I knew in an instant this tub would be put to good use this weekend. I imagined myself relaxing by the gas fireplace, after soaking in the tub, reading a book.

There was also a marvelous patio with a breathtaking view of the ocean and I could only imagine how wonderful the sunsets would be from here. The ocean view was so much more spectacular than the views I am used to in Southern California. This view included not only the ocean, but cliffs and lots of rocks.

After checking out our room, the pups and I climbed back into the Jeep and drove the 10 miles to Fort Bragg.

There the pups enjoyed an on leash adventure exploring the glass beach. We also got to experience a gorgeous sunset from the beach before heading back to our room.

When we got back to our room, I went over the breakfast menu that was in the gift bag and ordered breakfast by leaving the menu with my choices clipped outside the door. So before reading until falling asleep, I ordered my breakfast for the next morning.

The three of us woke to a rainy morning. But rain never deters the Pupventure Pack. Before breakfast we once again jumped into the Jeep and drove to Van Damne State Park Beach. The beach was actually within walking distance, but I decided to drive since it was raining. The pups enjoyed their morning beach exercise and adventure. I hoped to see a beautiful sunrise, but with the rain clouds so thick in the morning sky, the sun was hidden. We soon drove back to the Little River Inn since breakfast was about to be delivered.

When I ordered my breakfast, I was also able to request what time to have it delivered, and it came right on time. I enjoyed a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, a cheddar-bacon biscuit and a berry cobbler. Nothing to complain about here, it was delicious. After breakfast, it was time to relax on the patio reading the book I brought with me while listening to the sounds of  raindrops and the ocean. The type of relaxation I was hoping to find.

This relaxation could not go on all day however.. We had another adventure in store for us. So back into the Jeep and off to Fort Bragg again. This time, to ride on the Skunk Train. This steam and diesel train has been running out of Fort Bragg since 1885! Our train was the Pudding Creek Express. What a great experience! Masks and social distancing were required so the doggos and I again felt safe. Frankie and Storm were very well-behaved (this was their first ever train ride). They took in all the sights, sounds and train movement for the entire trip. They were exhausted when we got back to our room. It was fun for me to watch the pups and their reaction to the train ride. I was so pleased the pups were welcome on the train adventure!

After resting from the train adventure we decided to explore the many paved trails on the Little River Inn’s property. We just rambled around enjoying the sights and sounds before going to dinner. Dinner was served outside in a tent. Although it was a bit nippy outside, we were all very comfortable enjoying the warmth from the outdoor heaters. The heaters provided ambiance from the flames burning from the bottom to the top of the heaters. The food was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the chocolate ganache dessert.

The next day, we enjoyed a lovely sunrise from the patio and then another walk along the beach before heading home. Sadly, our Little River Inn adventure came to an end all too soon. The three of us will definitely return again to experience the River Dog Package they offer. I might even invite my parents to join us.

I was looking for relaxation and adventure. The Little River Inn exceeded my expectations on both counts.  

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