DIY Folding Kicksled for Mushing

Kicksled building steps

3 2×2 white wood

4 1×2 7 ft poplar wood

1 1×3 8 ft poplar wood

8 3.5” hex bolts 1/4 by 20

8 3” hex bolts 1/4 by 20

6 3” lag bolts 1/4

6 wing nuts (optional)

24 drywall screws course 1.5 inches

1 1” hinge

1 90 degree bracket

24” bungee cord

1 rubber mat

1 pair skis



1. Determine comfortable measurements for your stance. We decided to do the handles 42” high. And 17” from the inside of the skis

2. Even out top of skis if necessary

3. Bolt a 30” 2×2 strip to the ski. Counter sink the bolt into the ski. Repeat for second ski.

4. Clamped pieces together to get final measurements before attaching. We decided the seat height should be 10” from the ground. The back upright 42” 2×2 and the side pieces 42” 2×2 to the brindle.

5. Bolt uprights to the wood piece with 3.5 inch bolt. Use wingnuts on end of bolts as this piece will be collapsible.

6. Attach 10”1×2 uprights at the other end of the 30” piece.

7. Bolt the 42” piece to the 10” upright and the back uprights.

8. Repeat with other ski.

9. Attach the two sides together by using 2 17” 2×2 strips. We places them at 16 inches and 32 inches.

10. Attach 2 22.5” 1×2 20 inches from the back and at the base of the back. And connect with bolts a 22.5” 2×2 for the brindle at the end of the 42” horizontal piece.

11. Put in the “triangles.” Figure out where you want the long piece from the brindle to near the top of the back uprights. Put a hypotenuse from the base of the 10” upright to the brindle. Put. Hypotenuse from the 10” upright to the 42” upright. These are all to hopefully ensure this doesn’t pull apart.

12. Attach handles to the uprights.

13. Cut 1×3 to 22.5” and screw in seat slats.

14. Make the brake. Attach hinge to 1×2 measure where the piece will be out of your way. When kicking. Attach bracket to other end. Attach hinge to front of seat.

15. Attach bungee around the 1×2 and screw into the seat.

16. Glue mat strips to back of skis

17. Weather proof sled.

One of our guide images for the sled.

The final product.

I took the sled out with the dogs and it held up perfectly. Some things we need to work on is more weight in the front. And a longer brake. But since this was our first attempt I’m rather happy with it.

The total cost for us was about $125. I found used skis on CraigsList. The rest of the items were purchased at Home Depot.

Happy Sledding. Can’t wait to use it again next season.

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